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About Us

The staff at She’s Exhausted are a dedicated, patriotic bunch.  Full of zeal and sex appeal, these bastards are driven to invigorate your life with style, acceleration, and a look out the corner of your eye “don’t fxxx with me” attitude.  She’s Exhausted profiles uniquely designed products to inspire your life and give it a little punch. We search iron and metalsmith, motorcycle, classic car restoration, and vintage clothing & furniture shops on the street and across the internet to bring them to you.  Our collective of artists, designers, filmmakers, and craftsmen bring original handcrafted products you can’t find anywhere else.

Find a sensational, handcrafted product somewhere you think we would like to profile?  We’d love to check it out.  Submit a high quality photo and website link for readers to find the product. Contact Shesexhausted 


Ted Simpson
Born in Manhattan, Ted is hot tempered and an explosive mess waiting to happen.  Frequently embarrassing himself in public, Ted is the type of guy old ladies regurgitate their lunch just looking at.  Put this character in front of a motorcycle or car hood and you’re going to friggin’ church.  Ted’s bike excursions have covered continents and can shoot some serious photography and video.   He has recently taken up cigar smoking because “all cool things produce clouds of smoke” according to Ted.

Milt Moore
Frequently dining with scantily dressed French models, artist Milt Moore works tirelessly creating work in his private studio.  So private in fact, we don’t think it actually exists, as no one has ever seen it.  Working with painting, film, and installation pieces Milt’s creativity brings a culturally rich and sophisticated element to our sometimes disgusting and always irreverent staff.  Milt and his wife, Celine spend most months in their vineyard in Lyon, France.

Julie Gurtner
Seattle born designer Julie Gurtner is all about fashion, furniture, electronics and design.  If it is sleek and unique, Julie is checking it out or wants to buy it.  Working with companies from London to Milan, Julie frequently slips in French, Italian, and Spanish words midsentence, just to make you feel like a one dimensional sloth.  Julie cooks, kayaks, and does nice societal things like volunteering at SPCA, homeless shelters, and Children’s hospital.  But, don’t let this nice intro fool you, Julie is working on her black belt in Korean Kung Fu and can deflect Ninja stars with her purse.

Find an issue on our site? Contact  our Webmaster Mark who frequentlee misspells and posts inaccuracies all over the place – because he tends drinks on the job.

Because of the high volume of emails we receive at She’s Exhausted, we can’t reply to everyone so your patience, understanding in advance is appreciated.  Know we still love you, just can’t feasibly say so in every email we receive.   

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